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Saturday, September 23

National Business Xposure Digital Magazine® is a fresh and authentic content driven publication that aims to create a strong community of innovative, creative and strategic thinkers who are actively involved in shaping the next era of business, innovation, disruption, living trends and productivity.

It is a publication that prides itself on delivering high-quality entrepreneurship, business and leadership content that educates, inspires and motivates our readers. Covering topics from business, leadership, career development, money matters, legal, technology and emotional intelligence, our business articles provide entrepreneurs with the knowledge they need to make more informed decisions about their respective businesses.

Watch our LAUNCH PROMO video below, also available in 720p & 1080p quality. Click “settings” to select higher quality.

Our primary goal during the design process was to create a more valuable, user-centric and responsive website across all platforms and devices. 

National Business Xposure® seeks to inspire, inform and celebrate entrepreneurs throughout the continent through this website. We aim to offer real solutions to the challenges faced by entrepreneurs, including tips, tools and insider news to help build and grow their business.



  • Readers can sign-up in less than 20 seconds in order to comment, like and share their views on our articles and also receive our monthly newsletter.
  • 100% responsive, easy to navigate and the content intuitively adapts to whatever device is accessing it to provide the most user-friendly experience.
  • Engage more on our broader topics contributed by our experts including legal, money matters, corporate communication, emotional intelligence, career and life, tech and book reviews, etc.
  • You don’t need to go far and beyond to have an idea what the articles is about. Each article meets you halfway visually with giant images on its header.
  • The content is live and frequently updated, which brings our audience more closer to business stories as they happen across the globe..
8.6 Awesome
  • Layout, Navigation & User Experience 9
  • Device Adaptability, Responsiveness & Search Bar 8
  • Topics Covered 9
  • Cover Features 8
  • Overall Content 9
  • User Ratings (2 Votes) 10

About Author

Benito Mamaile is the founder of Intellectual Media and Communications a business development and digital solutions firm for entrepreneurs, Chief Editor for National Business Xposure Digital Magazine. He's passionate about helping brands leverage content to share their stories with the world, he frequently cover the following topics; leadership, media, tech, entrepreneurship and business development trends.


  1. As a website designer myself, I must say, this website is absolutely amazing, it is full of content, beautiful and slick design and you can see a lot of hard work was put into it. Well done to the team, it literally feels like one is in the virtual fantasy world of National Business Xposure. Niiiice!!!!

  2. This is the epitome of website innovation and convenience. The site is user friendly and very responsive, I think more than anything, internet is much indulging when everything goes the way a user wants.

    This new website is exciting. Its fresh and it has a very nice image.

    We are Intellectual Media

  3. I absolutely love this fresh and simple approach to the website.It’s extremely user-friendly,easy to navigate and uncomplicated.I also love how each category is straight to the point.The diversity of the topics is also quite refreshing and this is a definite go to website for all things entrepreneurship and current affairs.

  4. This is great, the website is so easy to navigate and mobile-friendly.
    It is knowledgeable and informative at the same time you get updated with current affairs and a lot more, use of great quality pictures. It just simplifies one’s life when using it no hassles at all so easy to find what you are looking for even if you are a first time user.

    • The new website is amazing! Very user friendly and easy to navigate. Loved reading all the different features and entrepreneur journeys – very inspiring indeed!

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